Heart Frostbite / New Emotion Revisited 2002-2015 
2LP (Gatefold) which includes a album of originals by Marçal dos Campos (aka João Marçal) and a compilation (split album) featuring themes by ANA3 (aka João Alves Marrucho) and Marçal dos Campos
Original artwork for the innersleeves by Isabel Carvalho and André Sousa / Master by Pedro Augusto at The Environment / Mixed by Pedro André
Graphic design by Albino Tavares / Released by the artist with the kind suport of Criatório's Program - Câmara Municipal do Porto
text: Portuguese and English

Inner 8000er, 2019

This catalogue accompanies João Marçal’s exhibition INNER 8000er, which was on view at the Pavilhão Branco between May 10 and September 30, 2018. Featuring a selection of paintings in various formats that were produced over several years, some of which specifically made for the exhibition at Pavilhão Branco, Sara Antónia Matos and Pedro Faro curated the exhibition.
Texts by Sara Antónia Matos, Pedro Faro, João Marçal and Hugo Canoilas/ Translation by Kennis Translations
Graphic design by Paula Prates / Published by Galerias Municipais/EGEAC
texts: Portuguese and English

Aquele Dia*, 2016 (2nd Ed.)

Published in ocasion of the exhibition Aquele Dia by João Marçal 
at A Certain Lack Of Coherence in Porto (an exhibition space runned by the artists André Sousa and Mauro Cerqueira since 2008),
from Jannuary 25th to February 17th of 2013
All texts by João Marçal / Translation by Joana Marçal and Toby Dewar
Graphic design by Bolos Quentes / Self published by João Marçal
* That Day
texts: Portuguese and English

Migalhinhas*, 2015

Published in ocasion of the exhibition Quarto** by João Marçal 
at Galeria Graça Brandão in Lisboa, from March 21st to May 2nd of 2015
Text by Isabel Carvalho / Graphic design by Bolos Quentes / Self published by João Marçal
* little crumbs / ** Bedroom
also available in Portugue and English version